Is Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass Worth The Investment

Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass has a lot of rewards without paying, but players can pay to get even more rewards. Are they worth it?

Genshin Impact‘s Battle Pass provides players with another way to earn rewards for their accounts while they play. Like any other game’s Battle Pass, it has a free rewards section, as well as a paid rewards section. Even though the rewards of Genshin Impact‘s paid Battle Pass, also known as the Gnostic Hymn, can be tempting, the price tag can also be offputting.

The Battle Pass in Genshin Impact provides different types of challenges for players to complete in order to accumulate Battle Pass EXP. There are daily challenges, like logging in and completing daily commissions, weekly challenges, such as defeating 3 Weekly bosses or completing 15 Domain challenges, and monthly challenges such as Wishing 50 times. For each Battle Pass level, the player will earn a free reward, such as Mora, Fragile Resin, and Acquaint (blue) Fates.


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However, Genshin Impact‘s Gnostic Hymn has more tempting rewards than the free ones. It has Intertwined (pink) Fates, Primogems, and even a choice of an exclusive 4-star weapon at Battle Pass (BP) level 30. Genshin Impact‘s Battle Pass can be purchased at two different prices: $ 10 USD for the Gnostic Hymn, which is every reward from BP levels 1-50, or $ 20 USD for the Gnostic Chorus, which is everything in the Gnostic Hymn, plus a couple of extra rewards in Genshin Impact.

Is Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass Worth A Player’s Money?

genshin impact Battle pass rewards

The value of Genshin Impact‘s Gnostic Hymn can vary based on players’ perspectives. If the player only cares about how many Primogems they can receive for the lowest cost, the Blessing of the Welkin Moon is a much better option, since it’s about double the Primogems for half the price. However, the rewards of Genshin Impact‘s Gnostic Hymn are more varied than just Primogems. When purchased, the Gnostic Hymn will grant the player 126 Hero’s Wit (purple books), more than 2 million Mora, 288 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 5 Fragile Resin, blue and purple rarity Talent books of the player’s choice, 4 Intertwined Fates, 680 Primogems in Genshin Impactand a choice of an exclusive 4-star weapon.

Since the player would receive so much Mora and Hero’s Wits from the Gnostic Hymn, they can use their Resin to farm things other than EXP books and Mora, like Artifacts and Talent books. The 4-star weapons themselves are also very strong, making them almost worth the price of the Gnostic Hymn on their own. Every 4-star weapon has a CRIT Rate main stat and can find its way onto a DPS character, the biggest standouts being the Deathmatch (Polearm) and Serpent Spine (Claymore). If players have a DPS character that they want a strong weapon for, they should consider the Battle Pass weapons in Genshin Impact since they are powerful and do not require the Primogem investment that 5-star weapons do.

However, while the Gnostic Hymn may be worth a player’s money, the Gnostic Chorus is not. For double the price, the only extra rewards that players receive are an exclusive Namecard, a furnishing blueprint, and 5 more Fragile Resin. The rewards from the Gnostic Hymn are much more substantial and give more value to each dollar spent. Therefore, the Gnostic Hymn has much more economic value than the Gnostic Chorus.

Players should also keep in mind that they will have to continue purchasing the Battle Pass to get their weapon of choosing to Refinement 5 (R5), which would minimally be buying the Gnostic Hymn 5 times and choosing the same weapon every time. So, it’s best for players to reflect on the circumstances of their account and how many (if any at all) purchases of the Battle Pass would benefit their account. It can be a reasonable investment, so players should use their best judgment when deciding to purchase anything in Genshin Impact.

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