Interest in cargo bikes as form of transport increases

There is a growing trend in London, Ont. of commuting by bicycle – and it is not just to get from point A to B.

A growing number of people are using their bikes as a means of transport for both passengers and belongings.

For Londoner Yolanda Hedberg, two wheels are tops for taking a tour on the Thames Valley Parkway.

“I have two kids, one is eleven years old, one is seven years old, and I bring them everywhere,” says Hedberg.

The car-free family was taking part in the annual Summer Cargo Bike Picnic at Ivey Park in London on Sunday, which was hosted by the London Bicycle Cafe.

With her bicycle equipped with plenty of cargo space, passenger space and an electric motor, Hedberg says it’s the perfect family vehicle. However, she cautioned, it does take some planning.

“There is the TVP. You have to make the map in your head. Always go with the TVP and go from there. That’s how you do it. And you have to really check the map very carefully. Always check the crossings. You have to cross all these barriers, which are usually the big roads,” she says.

“It’s a kind of practical, tactical, any time you need a bicycle to move either people or things,” says Bicycle Cafe general manager Andrew Hunniford.

He says cargo bikes are becoming more common as drivers opt to leave their cars parked.

“So they’re either choosing not to replace a vehicle that’s on its way out, they’re going bicycle instead, or as their family’s grown, instead of doing the typical experience for a Londoner and purchasing a second car, they’re acquiring a cargo bike,” I explained.

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