IDOT Region 1 Engineer Jose Rios recognized for advancing women in transportation

CHICAGO – The Illinois Department of Transportation announced today that Region 1 Engineer Jose Rios has received the Honorable Ray LaHood Award from the Chicago chapter of Women in Transportation Seminar, a group that promotes the development and advancement of women in transportation.

“At IDOT, we are dedicated to cultivating an equitable playing field on which women and minorities can succeed,” said Illinois Transportation Secretary Omer Osman. “I am proud to have Jose Rios serving as IDOT’s Region 1 Engineer and delighted that he received this well-deserved honor. The award signifies we are making strides in our goal to increase opportunities for women and minorities in transportation across Illinois.”

The Honorable Ray LaHood Award recognizes men who lead by example in advancing women and minorities, ensuring they can compete for leadership positions and thrive. Appointed Region 1 Engineer in 2021, Rios advanced through the ranks to oversee IDOT operations and projects in Cook and the collar counties. During his 21 years at IDOT, he has been instrumental in advancing women to leadership positions. He was nominated for his strong advocacy for training and coaching to promote women and minorities into future leadership positions.

WTS Greater Chicago represents transit, rail, highway and aviation agencies, as well as private industry, municipalities, academics and students throughout the Chicago area. The Chicago chapter is part of WTS International, which boasts more than 8,500 members and 64 chapters, with connections to a network of 40,000 transportation professionals throughout North America and the United Kingdom.


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