IDA wants THA Minority Leader, Secretary of Education to apologize for offensive remarks


THA Minority Leader Kelvon Morris – JEFF K MAYERS

Tobago’s newest political party, the Innovative Democratic Alliance (IDA), wants THA Minority Leader Kelvon Morris and Secretary of Education, Research and Technology Zorisha Hackett to apologize to each other and recent public comments for the Tobagonians that have been described as sexist and offensive.

The IDA said their comments revealed what it called the “naivety of youthful leadership.”

In a statement issued by the party’s PRO Kaye Trotman on Thursday, the IDA described as “distasteful,” Morris’ response to Hackett’s handling of the issues surrounding the Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation.

“His comments implying that he is a fashionable individual contributing to his inability to perform his functions is an obvious sexist remark since one wonders if he would have been exhibiting the same behavior of a male counterpart,” the party said.

“We recently celebrated International Women’s Day 2022 with the theme, Break the Bias, yet here we are in one of the highest offices on the island displaying biases we should be dispelling.

“The question is asked of the minority leader, ‘Where was your emotional intelligence guide that you were not making such an unforced error?’ There must be more appropriate words and expressions to get across your point. Giving in cheap rhetoric for political mileage is not the trait of an inspiring leader. “

Of even greater concern, the IDA said, is the disingenuous nature of Morris’ comments pointing to Hackett’s incompetence as the reason for all Tobago schools not being ready for reopening on April 19, though they were closed for two years (during the pandemic ), which would have given enough time for remedial work to be done.

THA Secretary for Education, Research and Technology Zorisha Hackett.

“While the issue falls squarely within the ambit of the current Secretary of State at this time, let us not forget that for more than 19 months the 24 months highlighted by the minority leader, he was part of the former administration that did not. seem to address the issue. “

“It is truly dishonest and duplicitous to take a position on moral outrage that you are also complicit in. Remember, as a leader you are showing the way for others to follow. “

The IDA also criticized Hackett for her inability or refusal to manage and mitigate the explosive response of her mother to her defense.

“While one can understand a mother’s defiance of her child, more importantly the fact that given the elevation of her daughter to the political office, the association’s mother’s secretary of education, research and technology now finds herself on the public radar. under more public scrutiny than before. Therefore, much more is expected of her.

“Crudeness and vulgarity are generally unbecoming, but more so for someone in his position. An awareness and understanding of this is something that should be astutely managed by the Secretary. Remember, your leadership imprints on all your sphere of influence. “

The IDA reminded Morris and Hackett that they have entered an era in which more is expected and demanded of leaders.

The party said Tobagonians are no longer willing to sit idly by and let its leaders charge ahead without accountability.

“To the leaders of the new cadre within the political spectrum, remember who is given much more than expected and with great power comes great responsibility. Let us chart a new course of political dialogue that is worthy of our engagement as a people desirous of manifesting and entrenching long-term social, political and economic changes. “

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