Hyperdex announces mainnet launch of ‘Cubes’ investment solutions

Crypto asset management platform Hyperdex today announced a significant upgrade through the mainnet launch of an initial trio of products: Fixed Income, Algo Trading, and Race Trading.

Dubbed ‘cubes,’ these products represent the three primary investment strategies that enable users to pick from various strategies that fit their risk tolerance. Hyperdex’s Fixed Income Cubes provide users with a low-risk fixed return over a set period of time; Algo Trading Cubes employs a moderate risk strategy to offer variable returns through trading algorithms; and Race Trading Cubes enable aggressive investors to speculate on the price of different crypto assets through a derivative-like position.

Hyperdex’s platform deals with DeFi’s most common pain points which includes the complexity, inefficiency, and expense incurred when trading in large volume. It aims to simplify DeFi investing and through an effective finance experience. From depositing funds to collecting yields, HyperDEX simplifies the whole investment process and allows users to choose customized options that meet their financial goals.

The mainnet launch represents a major milestone for Hyperdex on its mission to make DeFi more accessible to the masses. It comes shortly after Hyperdex’s smart contracts have been successfully audited by the blockchain security firm CertiK.

“Hyperdex was designed to drive down the complexity of DeFi investment, and to give users exposure to sophisticated products that were once the preserve of pros. Our Race Trading cube, for example, contains a simplified derivatives contract that makes it easy for anyone to experience the rewards of decentralized finance, all boosted by the HYP token, ”explains Manfredi Magris, Hyperdex Co-Founder.

Next on its roadmap is the rollout of its utility token, HYP, which is scheduled to go live through an Initial Dex Offering (IDO). Hyperdex ‘s native token is salted to amplify the rewards available to the platform users and to incentivize the deployment of automated trading strategies.

Plus the imminent arrival of the $ HYP token, other milestones for 2022 include the introduction of more sophisticated ‘Hypercubes’, the Modular Cube offering and a peer-to-peer loan exchange.

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