Hillsborough Schools offers summer learning programs

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – Hillsborough County Schools is offering students as many programs as possible this summer.

“We’re going to seize the opportunity while we’re at it, so they can stay on track and be successful when they start school next year,” said Terry Connor, Deputy Superintendent for Hillsborough County Schools.

The school district said the next few weeks will be a pandemic during the remote learning of the effects of lingering effects.

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“We’re facing a challenge that is still going to happen over the last two years,” said Connor.

The programs give kids much needed extended learning time, such as math, science, social studies, and STEM.

Hillsborough County Schools put $ 18 million in American Rescue Plan funding into growing their summer learning programs and more options.

“We’ve been really expanding the grade level offerings this summer. We have traditionally only been able to offer very specific programs during the summer, ”said Connor.

The district is also offering freshman transition camps and summer bridge programs this summer.

“Our bridge programs are really consistent with students moving from elementary school to middle school,” said Connor.

Parents should contact their child’s school for more information on enrolling in a program.


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