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Lucknow: The ‘gut feeling’ is more than something moving in the stomach. It is a signal from the gut — or the second brain — that fuels and drives the one in the head. Besides, it dictates health in general and shapes the overall quality of a person’s life.
Disorders of the gut-brain interaction, grouped as functional gastro-intestinal disorders, are being deliberated upon in detail by gastroenterologists from across the country at the annual congress of the Indian Motility and Functional Diseases Association (IMFDA).
Inaugurated by SGPGI director Prof. RK Dhiman, the event was a platform for the exchange of knowledge on the subject that has remained ignored until recently. Industry estimates (ITC study) have recorded that over 56% of Indians have digestive health problems. Likewise, 22% of Indians suffer from constipation (Abbott gut survey). The head of the gastroenterology department at SGPGI and the president of the IMFDA Prof UC Ghoshal said: “Within the walls of the digestive system lie two thin layers of over 100 million nerve cells. These line the entire gastrointestinal tract from the esophagus to the rectum. A growing body of scientific evidence is now available to establish that the gut is linked to a person’s fashion, health and even thinking pattern. ”
A look at medical literature on gut-brain interaction and diseases has scores of indigenous examples. One such work from SGPGI by Moni Chaudhury, Vamika Saigal and Prof Ghoshal noted that gastroenterology patients in India have impaired quality of life and mental health.


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