Greece makes major travel change for British travelers just in time for summer

Greece has dropped every single coronavirus restriction just in time for the summer holidays. The popular tourist destination for Brits has decided to join other countries in dropping all restrictions.

Travelers no longer need to show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result upon entry. That’s good news for people looking to book a holiday. Unvaccinated visitors may enter the country without testing prior to travel which Greece and many other European countries keep in place.

But it seems that face masks will remain in place until June after Health Minister Thanos Plevris said the rules around mask-wearing indoors may remain for longer. Currently, face masks are mandatory for indoor public places in Greece.

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When asked on TV when masks might become optional, he said: “We do not know. It is possible that the measure of wearing masks indoors might not be lifted, because the mask is a mild measure. What we suggest is that masks indoors will continue in May and then, based on the epidemiological picture in the country, decisions will be taken for June. “

Mr Plevris had announced on TV that Covid cases had declined enough in the country to “proceed with the suspension of the protection measures put in place, from 1 May.” Many understood this to mean all remaining Covid measures, but in the following weeks, tourism official clarified that mask-wearing (in indoor public spaces) would remain until at least June.

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