Governor Chris Sununu to Meet with US State Department Officials

Concord, NH – Tomorrow, Governor Chris Sununu will meet with officials from the United States State Department in Washington to press the need for the administration to take the necessary, immediate steps to ensure a timely, sufficient, and smooth process for J-1 Visas for the BridgeUSA program participants.

Ahead of his visit, the Governor co-authored a bipartisan letter with Governor Janet Mills (ME) and Governor Spencer Cox (UT) last week on the vital need for a swift process this year. The Governors wrote, “For these valuable programs to function this year, we request that uniform guidance be issued directing our embassies and consulates make timely visa interview appointments available to J-1 Visa applicants in adequate volume, to waive in-person interviews when reasonable , and not place limitations on the numbers of applicants that can be processed below comparable 2019 levels.After two years, the program, participants, hosts and sponsor community cannot sustain another year of delays and limitations without causing irreparable harm to the image of the program , reputation of the United States, and further economic damage to US businesses and camps across the country. The timeline is crucial, and we ask that you issue this guidance as soon as possible. “

A copy of the letter can be found here.

While in Washington, the Governor will also attend the annual American Task Force on Lebanon (ATFL) Dinner on Wednesday, May 11 where he will be honored with the Philip Habib Award for Distinguished Public Service. The Governor has attended the annual ATFL dinner in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Note: The Governor departs New Hampshire this afternoon and will return to New Hampshire on Thursday morning. At no point during this trip will Governor Sununu be unavailable to act in his official capacity as Governor.


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