Gnubiotics inks microbiome focused innovation deal for pet health with ADM

The gut microbiome is essential to the health and wellbeing of companion animals, outlined the partners.

“This strategic partnership with ADM is a major accomplishment for Gnubiotics as it represents validation of our science and technology,” Confirmed Yemi Adesokan, CEO and cofounder of that Swiss biotech.

Gnubiotics has been developing microbiome focused products for companion animal health and wellness over the past six years, he said. Its technology has functional and clinically demonstrated applications in that respect, he added.

By accessing ADM’s global network and reach, the CEO said the startup hopes to bring about a new standard in companion animal health. “ADM in turn will have access to a unique pipeline of clinically proven immunomodulatory technologies and microbiome focused innovation from Gnubiotics.”Said Adesokan.

Animal milk oligosaccharides

Study data, according to Gnubiotics, indicates animal milk oligosaccharides (AMOs) that it manufactures help protect the microbiome of dogs from the negative effects of antibiotics.

AMOs are non-digestible carbohydrates naturally present in the milk of mammals and that contribute to the multifaceted benefits of milk; they consist of three to more building blocks bound together, combining four carbohydrates on a lactose core, said the company.

AMOs can help maintain a proper gut flora balance, supporting gut epithelial integrity in the animal, they can exert anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory effects as well as anti-microbial effect, keeping pathogens in check by giving competitive advantage to commensals, as per Gnubiotics data.


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