Gaming Company Quadrant Announces Partnership With Scuf Gaming

Gaming Company Quadrant Announces Partnership With Scuf Gaming

Lando Norris along with other partners formed Quadrant and has grown it into a major content and gaming organization. Since its inception last year, the company has signed pro players in Call of Duty Warzone and Halo. Furthermore, the company released a ton of content and apparel. Today, Quadrant has announced a partnership with Scuf Gaming, a popular gaming controller brand, that will provide products for its Halo team.

The HCS Halo Team was recently formed and their mission is to become one of the top teams in the world. The team, based in France, is poised to reach the HCS and comprises of FragXR, Shad, SLG, Tchik and Nurix. The company’s partnership with Scuf Gaming will assist the team in reaching its goals. Other partnerships include, Elgato, Gilette and Veloce.

Jamie McLaurine of Quadrant stated, “We’re all really excited to have SCUF Gaming on board… The controllers will most definitely help our team perform at the highest level of competition, and this relationship is sure to produce some excellent content for the brand as well.”

Diego Nunez of Scuf Gaming also stated, “We are delighted to add Quadrant and its exceptional variety of esports competitors and content creators to #TeamSCUF… Both parties are dedicated to providing the best high-quality content, influencer support and creative brand collaborations, making this partnership a perfect fit.”

The partnership will serve both entities well Scuf Gaming continues to grow it brand in eSports while Quadrant will attempt to grow in Halo.

What are your thoughts on Scuf Gaming? Do you use their controllers? Are you familiar with Quadrant? Do you follow their content, teams or purchase their apparel? What do you think about Halo eSports? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.


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