Funding to support communities | Brimbank & North West

The Victoria state budget 2022-23 will allocate $77.4 million for new and upgraded community hubs, playgrounds, childcare centers and streetscapes throughout Victorian suburbs and regions, including Brimbank, to build better communities and create hundreds of jobs.

The project will continue the state’s recovery from the pandemic by investing in community spaces which are more important than ever according to the state government.

A $50 million investment in the successful Growing Suburbs Fund will deliver a wide range of council infrastructure projects to ensure residents in Victoria’s interface and peri-urban communities have the spaces they need in close proximity to home.

This new investment will deliver as many as 35 community improvement projects and create an estimated 600 local jobs.

The Suburban Revitalization Programs aimed at addressing local challenges will receive $9.7 million.

The $15 million Living Local Fund will focus on upgrading community activity centers to improve the places where people work, shop and spend time with their family and friends with grants to be provided.

Libraries will also receive a boost with $2.3 million going towards the Budget for the Public Libraries Funding Program.

Victorian Aboriginal and local government strategy will be supported with $350,000

to strengthen engagement between Aboriginal organizations and local councils and support pathways to self-determination for Aboriginal Victorians.

Local government and suburban development MP Shaun Leane said the funding will support communities and economic recovery from COVID.

“The pandemic changed so many of the ways we live and work, and for many, that has meant a much deeper connection with their local communities,” Mr Leane said.

“As we continue to recover from the pandemic, we’re investing in the projects that local communities want, as well as the Victorian workers we need to deliver them.”

“By working with local communities, we strengthen the liveability of our suburbs, support local businesses and drive jobs growth closer to where people live.”

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