From moneysaving apps to switching the boiler off at night, your tips to help save money

As the cost of living crisis continues, it’s always good to know about any tips on how to save a few extra pennies. A month on from Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis warning that household bills could increase by 54%, costing people hundreds of pounds more a year and people are starting to feel the pinch.

There have been some ideas from those in power on how to save money, from avoiding buying Greggs to canceling Netflix, but how much of a difference will that really make? While these tips might save you a few bob every month, getting rid of the things in your life that you enjoy only goes so far. Thankfully, there are ways that you can save on food, clothes and heating.

Too Good To Go offers customers a restaurant, cafe or shop food that has passed its shelf life but is still perfectly good. The app allows you to pick up food from a variety of places all over the country, including brands like Starbucks, Yo! Sushi and the Manchester Art Gallery café.

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Tin foil behind a radiator can save money

Meanwhile, Olio is a community app which offers food out that residents in your area might have bought and found they have no use for. Utilising apps like these mean that you can still enjoy treats from your favorite places, or even try new foods that you wouldn’t usually buy, but at the same time, spend a lot less.

Similarly, apps such as Vinted and Depop allow you to purchase second hand clothing, as well as sometimes new pieces, at a fraction of the retail price. Similarly, one way to keep your wardrobe refreshed on a budget is to sell what you don’t wear and replace it with something you will be through these apps.

Vicky Hamilton shared her thoughts on Facebook and explained how she keeps her wardrobe fresh and low cost. She said: “I’ve been looking at my clothes and selling what I don’t want on Vinted then saving the money to use on summer clothes for sale on Vinted.”

With the rise in popularity of vintage fashion, kilo sales and charity shops are great places to shop for a bargain. Meanwhile, homeware can also be found in abundance at charity shops as well as at car boot sales, which are, once again, gaining in popularity.

Joining Facebook groups such as MANCHESTER & NORTH WEST ~ Car Boot Sales ~ Jumble Trail Sales ~ Table Tops is one way of finding car boot sales near you. Meanwhile, if you prefer shopping from the couch, clothes swap initiatives have really taken off, and the Facebook group The Great British Clothes Swap is a great example of how and where you can swap out and improve your wardrobe; only paying for postage.

Charity shops are a great place to find a deal
Charity shops are a great place to find a deal

When it comes to saving on bills in the home, many other tips have been suggested on Facebook as well as by money saving expert, Martin Lewis.

Residents of Levenshulme shared their tips on how to battle the rising cost of gas and electricity bills. Michaela Peters said: “Turn the radiator and water temp down on combi boilers [and] swap ovens for air fryers, slow cookers – barely use anything. ”

According to the Mirror , turning your thermostat down by just one degree could save you around £ 80 a year in bills. Another popular suggestion is the tried and tested trick of putting tin foil behind a radiator on an external wall to keep it insulated and keep the heat in.

Janet House noticed that she made a big saving by completely switching her combi boiler on when it was not needed and is also planning to get her boiler serviced before the winter months to ensure it is running efficiently.

She explained: “Switched heating off which lowered it a bit, but realized that leaving the combi boiler on for water only was costing quite a bit too. Who needs hot water literally ‘on tap’ for occasional use when we’re out or in bed for much of the day?

“Now, I only switch the boiler on when I actually need hot water to wash up, take a bath etc, then switch it off. The result? Combi is constant for hot water only – smart meter readings midnight to 7am £ 1.30; Boiler off midnight to 7am … wait for it … 9p. ”

It is expected that gas and electricity prices will rise again in October and while much needs to be done to support those struggling with the increases, tips like these might be of some use.

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