Free Furi PS5- Only Upgrade Upsets Xbox Players

The recently announced Furi PS5 upgrade took many by surprise considering the game is nearly six years old but for xbox players, the real surprise was missing out on the free next-gen upgrade and DLC that other platforms are set to receive. Such was the backlash that the developer The Game Bakers took to Twitter to address the complaints, revealing that Furi “never captured a lot of attention on Xbox” and for a small studio with financial and time constraints, platforms had to be prioritized.

The Furi PS5 upgrade comes with One More Fight DLC for free

If you were subscribed to PS Plus in 2016, you might want to check your library as chances are, you downloaded Furi. The boss-rush action game was part of the service’s July 2016 lineup. Not only will you be able to get the next-gen upgrade for free, you’ll also receive a free update that includes all paid and free content that came with One More Fight DLC as well as all the improvements made since the release (Invincible Mode , Furier Speedrun, Alternate controls, etc.).

If you want to experience the game from a new angle and don’t mind forking out $ 7, then you can grab the new Onnamusha DLC that gives you an alternative main character to play with. Onnamusha Rider comes with her own combat skills. Like the next-gen upgrade and free content update, Onnamusha will skip Xbox platforms.

In other news, former Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime thinks the Wii had the potential to outsell PS2, and Godfall’s barebones PS Plus version attracted millions of players despite the backlash.

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