Food company fined for forklift accident

A food wholesale company, CCB Enterprises Pty Ltd, has been fined after one of its workers was injured in a forklift incident. The company pleaded guilty in the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court to a charge of failing to provide a safe working environment and another charge of failing to notify WorkSafe immediately that an incident had occurred.

The issue at hand involved a worker who was struck by a reversing forklift as he crossed a warehouse floor. The worker required surgery to repair fractures in his leg and foot, and needed a skin graft to deal with muscular damage. The worker also suffered post-operative infections and has not returned to work since the incident.

The court heard the company lacked a traffic management plan that would have separated pedestrians and forklifts and that it could have instituted measures to protect workers against the machinery.

“It’s frustrating that forklift injuries are still so prevalent considering the enormous amount of guidance, information and regulation that occurs,” said WorkSafe Executive Director of Health and Safety Narelle Beer.

“WorkSafe will continue doing everything it can to protect workers who work with or around forklifts through inspections, investigations and prosecutions.”

WorkSafe Victoria provides information for developing traffic management plans for forklifts. It recommends adopting a plan and keeping it reviewed and up to date to protect workers.

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