‘Fintech Fridays’ podcast aims to demystify financial technology industry – The Royal Gazette

Created: Aug 05, 2022 07:50 AM

Weekly podcasts to demystify the world of financial technology or fintech have been launched by the Economic Development Department.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Economy and Labor said the emerging industry, courted by the Bermuda Government, was growing on the island and changing conversations on the topic.

“It is, therefore, increasingly crucial for Bermudians to be well-acquainted and knowledgeable about fintech and the many ways it can benefit the island and locals,” he said.

“Fintech Fridays”, featuring guest speakers, will air weekly on various platforms, including Spotify, Anchor, and YouTube.

The first episode on July 22, presented by the Premier’s Office of fintech outlined the Office of fintech and the island’s fintech sector.

Jason Hayward, the Minister of Economy and Labour, said fintech Fridays will help build “an informed and connected workforce”.

“In a light-hearted and informative way, the podcast aims to familiarize listeners with the basics of fintech and its transformative impact on financial services locally and globally.

“I encourage everyone to tune in to the podcast and leave their comments and reviews.”


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