Effingham Unit #40 Facilities/Transportation Committee Meeting Provides Updates On Upcoming Projects

Effingham, IL-(Effingham Radio)- Numerous upcoming projects were discussed at the Facilities/Transportation Committee Meeting yesterday.

New batting cages are on the list of projects for this fiscal year. The Committee heard from Assistant Superintendent Jason Fox about the plan to put two batting cages at the girls softball field, and turf will be installed at all batting cages at all locations. Also discussed was the need to update the welding shop with new capture hoods over each welding station instead of the current ductwork that does not capture all the fumes. The project was proposed by Entec, who sent a representative to investigate what work would be best.

Fox also discussed more details about the East Side School Parking Lot project, and how there is 4 feet of unusable dirt in the way of getting the work done, meaning the existing dirt will need to be removed and replaced with more stable clay dirt. Fox stated that the dirt currently there is not natural for the area and is currently like a swamp, which is why it needs to be removed. Effingham Asphalt proposed to do this work.

Also discussed was the need for either a new box truck or fixing of the current one, which is the only truck for the district. Fox stated that the repairs would be significantly less expensive than buying a new one outright, but the need for a replacement truck may eventually come anyway, and the price for the trucks is likely to go up even more over the years. Superintendent Andy Johnson said a new one will likely be needed soon, so he believes getting a new one now will save money in the long run. There was also an idea of ​​fixing the old one and ordering a new one so there would be no waiting period without a usable truck for the district.

Jason Fox then went over the need for new buses. Midwest Bus Sales proposed 9 buses by trade-in through a five-year lease, and they will all have air-conditioning and will be Thomas buses. The next topic was about the Unit Office at 2803 South Banker. Since the northern building is in use now, there is a need for more parking at the location. The proposal is to add parking to the backside of the buildings to alleviate this problem.

There was also discussion about the Fine Arts Program and their need for replacement of outdated equipment. The proposed project would be broken up into 3 phases, the first would replace old sound equipment, the second would bring new spotlight equipment, and the third phase would finish the new lighting needed. Fox stated that most of the equipment is original to the building and the Fine Arts Program, with Fox stating even the curtains are decades old.

These proposed projects will likely be happening over the next few fiscal years.

Following this meeting, the Board of Education also held a special meeting where they made some personnel moves. They also approved the updated back to school plan, which follows state recommendations.


  • Donna Gadd as cafeteria monitor at South Side School
  • Glynnis Leftwich as cafeteria monitor at South Side School
  • Stephanie Ruholl as a paraprofessional
  • Lana Adams as a mid-day bus aide
  • Erin Hardiek as a speech language pathologist
  • Rachel Lanham as a long-term substitute
  • Heather Britton as three-hour food service personnel
  • Jacqueline Jones as three-hour food service personnel


  • Lorrie Siler as four-hour food service personnel at the junior high school


  • Vickie Darling as food service personnel
  • Brenda Myers as food service personnel

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