Education dept grants Delhi govt-aided schools some leeway in depositing funds for salaries

Observing that teachers of many government-aided schools are not being paid on time due to the inability of these schools to timely pay their dues, the Directorate of Education has given them more breathing room to fulfill their obligations.

According to the provisions of the Delhi School Education and Act and Rules, the managing committee of all government-aided schools have to deposit 5% of the pay and allowances of their employees monthly to enable salaries to be disbursed in the first week of every month. The Delhi government covers 95% of these expenses.

“It has been observed that the payment of salary of quite a large number of employees of the government-aided schools does not get credited in their accounts on time, primarily due to the reason that some of the managing committees are unable to deposit their share. of 5% into government account in advance within the prescribed time limit on the pretext of financial problems, ”the DoE has stated in a recent order. It also said it has received complaints from employees that the managing committees of some schools force employees to hand over 5% of their salary, and deposit the management’s share in the government account after that.

To prevent delays in salaries being paid to teachers and other employees, the DoE has decided to give relaxation to these schools from having to deposit their share every month, and has allowed them to prepare salary bills and submit these to the government with an undertaking that they will deposit their share by the end of the quarter – by June 30, September 30, December 31 or March 31 as the case may be.

However, it has underlined that they must submit their deposit within the prescribed time, and that the department will initiate proceedings to take over the management of any school that “continuously failed to perform its statutory duty”.


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