Does Your Bank Offer This Time- and Money-Saving Perk?

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This perk can save a lot of time and hassle.

Key points

  • Different banks offer different perks to customers.
  • My bank offers free checks mailed to my home.
  • Many banks require you to buy checks when you need them.

My bank has lots of features that I like. But there’s one big advantage of my accounts that I especially appreciate. It saves me both time and money and it has made banking with my online financial institution much easier than I expected it would be.

Here’s the crucial feature my bank offers that’s both simplified my life and saved me money

This is one of the biggest benefits of my online bank

One of my favorite ways that my bank has saved me time and money is by sending me free checks.

With my old bank account, I was responsible for buying checks when I ran out. I could buy them from the bank, which was a pretty expensive option. Or I could shop around and buy them from big-box stores that sell checks or online discount retailers.

This meant I had to waste time looking for the best deal on checks — and would often end up finding, after going through most of the process, that there were surprise shipping costs or added fees that made my purchase cost more than planned. This was a huge waste of time and often meant I ended up spending more than I planned.

Since I still use checks for a number of things, including paying my trash bill and HOA fees that can’t be paid online or via credit card without added fees, I had to go through the process of shopping for checks a few times a year and pay money every time when I ordered them.

I’ve been able to eliminate this annoying process, though. That’s because my new bank sends me free checks whenever I ask for them. I just have to sign into my online account and I have the option to request checks. There is no limit on how many I am allowed to request, although I can also ask for only one book to be sent at a time.

Because of the fact that my bank lets me get checks simply via my online account, I do not have to worry about entering my account and routing number on a third-party website that sells checks. This means there’s no chance of a mistake and I’m not sharing my bank account info with as many companies. I also don’t have to worry about shopping around and spending money for a tool I need to pay my other bills.

After I make a request for checks, the bank sends them to me within 7 to 10 business days, so there’s not much planning ahead required either.

Should you look for a bank with free checks?

The fact that my bank offers free checks was just one of many features that attracted me to it — but it was an especially important one to me because I do write checks regularly.

If you primarily or exclusively pay your bills online and do not need to use checks for payment, then this may not be something that matters to you as you select your preferred financial institution. But if you are like me and need checks and don’t want to pay for them, looking for this time- and money-saving feature may be well worth it when you decide where to do your banking.

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