Developer changes plans for luxury flats in Poole

RESIDENTS say they are baffled by a developer’s “sinister” attempts to retrospectively add an additional floor to a new luxury flat block – despite having been refused twice before.

The under-construction flats at 7 Chaddesley Glen in Poole have been at the center of controversy among residents who have drawn attention to repeated attempts by the developer to extend the size of the project.

Planning permission is currently sought to add a roof terrace and ‘garden room’ atop the block of eight luxury apartments which did not form part of the originally approved application.

However these plans, submitted in June by AJ Land Consultancy, are the second variation of the proposals to be put forward to council planning officers after previous plans were rejected by both the local authority and by a government inspectorate.

Under-construction flats at 7 Chaddesley Glen in Poole

In May last year, plans were submitted to add a roof terrace onto the development which would essentially act as a sixth storey. A BCP Council planning officer recommended the plans be refused citing its “negative visual impact” on the area as well as changes to the original design and loss of privacy for existing residents. The council’s planning committee agreed and refused the plan.

AJ Land Consultancy subsequently appealed the decision and it went to a government planning inspectorate. The inspector upheld the decision and dismissed the appeal, backing the council’s concerns.

Less than one year later and the developers have once again proposed the extension, saying the new plans address the concerns expressed by residents and the council.

For some residents living near the development, the new plans are one step too far. One person said: “I find it baffling that a previous roof terrace application that was refused has resurfaced as not only a roof terrace but an additional storey, described confusingly as a garden room.

Bournemouth Echo: Main picture shows the newest design plans for the already under construction flats.  Inset image shows the originally approved design.  Pictures: ARCMain picture shows the newest design plans for the already under construction flats. Inset image shows the originally approved design. Pictures: ARC

“This addition of the extra floor is not even mentioned in the application and it is frankly unacceptable and an abuse of the planning system to keep trying to add additional bulk to this building.

“Stop wasting the councils and my time with egregious variation requests.”

Another resident questioned how the building could continue construction under the originally approved design while awaiting a decision on the extension.

He told the Echo: “It doesn’t take a construction expert to know you cannot simply add one floor on top of the other later on, so I worry they have already started.”

In response to the criticism, a planner for Chapman Lily Planning Ltd on behalf of AJ offered a rebuttal to the objections. They said: “The proposals do not have any vantage point over any neighboring properties and therefore concerns associated with overlooking as raised in the inspector’s decision have been addressed.”

However, they did not address why the decision had been taken to add the terrace and new room to the development.

An AJC Group spokesperson said: “Following the Inspector’s decision the applicant carefully reviewed the comments made in the appeal decision and redesigned the proposal to reduce the size of the terrace and to include extended screens to protect the privacy of neighboring residents.”

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