Detroit’s Airspace Link Announces $ 23.1M Series B Investment

Detroit’s Airspace Link Inc. has completed a $ 23.1 million Series B investment. // Stock Photo

Airspace Link Inc., a Detroit-based provider of drone safety software and data solutions, has announced the completion of a Series B investment of $ 23.1 million.

The investment was led by Avanta Ventures in California with new participation from Morningside, Caprock, and follow-on buy in from Altos Ventures, Indicator Ventures, 2048 Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners, and Thales Group.

Founded in 2018 in Detroit, Airspace Link states it has experienced rapid growth over the past few years by safely integrating drones into communities at scale. The company has raised a total investment of $ 37 million, saying it is expanding its impact and value for partners and customers exponentially in the past year alone.

Airspace Link says it has put that capital to work rapidly expanding products and services while growing from 17 employees to near 50.

“Drones are an exciting new form of mobility, with advanced hardware now available at scale. Airspace Link provides the safety infrastructure for drones, focusing on the precise data, software, and analytics required to support scalable operations, ”says Michael Healander, co-Founder and CEO of Airspace Link.

“Airspace Link’s products and services, through the AirHub Platform, are utilized in all aspects of the industry, whether for informing safety cases, compliance, policy decisions, risk management, or insurance modeling. We’re excited to rapidly expand our offerings and societal impact with this infusion of capital. ”

As the venture capital arm of CSAA Insurance Group, an AAA insurer, Avanta Ventures is aligned with one of the top personal lines of property and casualty insurance underwriters in the United States.

“Our investment in Airspace Link aligns with our deep focus on mobility innovation, safety, and risk management,” says David Li, principal at Avanta Ventures. “We look forward to working with Airspace Link to accelerate aerial mobility in the safest manner for consumers and communities at scale.”

With this funding, Airspace Link will continue to invest in and expand on initiatives to support the safe scaling of drone usage through:

– Delivering safe, performant, and neutral Supplemental Data Service Provider (SDSP) and UAS Service Supplier (USS) capabilities to enable the acceleration of UAS Traffic Management (UTM) ecosystems.

– Partnering with and supporting drone manufactures, software, and service providers to jointly execute on a shared vision.

– Strategically expand services globally, with partners like Thales Group and Esri, to support current customers’ expansion and new market development.

– Expanding Airspace Link’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) public-private partnership, through programs such as LAANC USS, BEYOND, Remote ID, and more initiatives in the United States.

– Continuing to partner with state and local government entities to drive investment supporting drone infrastructure, enabling them to unlock economic, environmental, and social equity objectives delivered through advanced aerial mobility.

“A great validator of our go to market strategy has been the excitement and buy-in we’ve seen from investors and partners on our financial business model and partner-centric approach,” says Bill Johnson, CFO of Airspace Link. “The confidence of investors, as shown by this capital raise, will enable us to meet the rapidly growing demand we’re seeing in the market, both in the US and globally.”