FC Cincinnati’s player welfare department is an ever-growing and developing part of the FCC world. Under the leadership of Dan McNally, Director of Soccer Operations & the Mercy Health Training Center, the soccer operations and player welfare team added Rodrigo Frank in January as the club’s Player Welfare Coordinator, or as he would describe it, player care.

“It’s not a concierge service,” Frank said. “It’s a player care service. We are caring for them. We care for their families. Kids’ schools, we’re caring for it. Wives need anything, we’re caring for it. These players, anything that they need off the field, we’re caring for it. “

Frank, a native of Salvador, Brazil, speaks three languages, Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and he, alongside FCC Senior Manager of Soccer Operations Satoshi Tatsumi, assist the first team players with various needs as they come into Cincinnati, often from distant states or other countries, for the first time. They also provide care and support to players while at FCC.

“The first thing I told the team when I took the job last year was that a club is only as successful as the players that take the field on the weekend,” said Chris Albright, the club’s General Manager. “Everyone’s livelihoods are dependent on them. Player care is a crucial aspect of what we’re trying to build at FC Cincinnati. The work that Satoshi, Rodrigo, and all our staff do to support our players off the field is invaluable in allowing them to focus on their responsibilities on it. ”

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