Dell Primary School in Lowestoft celebrates Ofsted success

1:34 PM June 24, 2022

A primary school which was told to improve by inspectors is celebrating after turning its fortunes around.

When Dell Primary School in Lowestoft was last visited by regulators from Ofsted, it was rated as requiring improvements.

However, in its first assessment since becoming part of the Evolution Academy Trust, the school was rated as good in all categories – the second-highest rating available.

Inspectors said the behavior of its pupils had “gone from strength to strength” in recent years, with children treated with respect by staff and knowing what their expectations of them are.

Gemma Hurren, headteacher at Dell Primary, said: “I am delighted with the outcomes of our recent Ofsted inspection and couldn’t be prouder of staff, pupils, parents and governors.

“Their hard work, commitment and dedication to our wonderful school community have been recognized.

“The improvements, since our previous inspection, are particularly pleasing, especially during the challenging times we have all faced.

“Our journey continues and Dell Primary will go from strength to strength, with the support of Evolution Academy Trust.”

The report says: “Pupils at Dell Primary benefit greatly from how leaders have improved their school in recent years.

“In school, pupils behave kindly and politely.

“They feel encouraged by the rewards they receive for showcasing the school values.

“Pupils understand what bullying is, but most find it hard to think of a time when they or a friend experienced it.”

The school’s previous inspection came in 2018, with inspectors raising concerns that pupils were often given the same work to do repeatedly and did not progress as a result.

However, this time the school earned praise for the strength of its extra-curricular offering and use of incentives to encourage learning.

The report adds: “Reading is the highlight of the school’s curriculum. Children in the early years get off to a strong start.

“Staff work determinedly to help children make strong progress from their starting point.

“This strong practice continues into key stage one and beyond.”

Craig Avieson, director of education at the Evolution Academy Trust, said: “This progress from ‘requires improvement’ is a real success story for the school and Trust.”

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