CM performs bhoomi-pujan of Medical College

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan performed bhoomi-pujan of a medical college in Mandsaur district to be constructed at a cost of Rs.270 crore 59 lakh with the joint contribution of central and state government.

Chouhan said that three medical colleges are being built in one parliamentary constituency which will prove to be a boon for the region. A team of best doctors will provide treatment in these medical colleges. More than 73,000 square meters of land has been selected at three different places to build the medical college.

The Chief Minister said that the Medical College would prove to be a milestone in promoting health facilities in the city. Once the medical college is in next 3 years, the citizens of the district will not have to travel to big cities like Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Indore for treatment. They will get better health facilities here itself. Trauma center, neuro experts will also be arranged in the medical college, so that citizens will be able to get better treatment at least cost. Economic activities will also get a boost in the city.

Chouhan said that a campaign for purification of Shivna river would be started in the city of Pashupatinath. Funds will also be made available for this through an action plan. He called for ensuring the participation of society in this holy work.

Chouhan presented 50 e-rickshaws provided by Ganediwal Charitable Trust to needy women. He also handed over the license and insurance related documents prepared by the RTO department to the women. Chouhan rode on an e-rickshaw along with public representatives to the stage. Women have been imparted necessary training for the auto e-rickshaws made available to them for self-employment. Chouhan appreciated this initiative of the Trust.

While wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day, the Prime Minister said that everyone should bow at the feet of their mother. There is no greater wealth than a mother. When someone talks about opening an old age home, I feel very upset. Such homes are a product of western culture. Chouhan said that a law in Madhya Pradesh provides for jail term along with fine, for those who fail to not take care of their parents despite being financially stable.

Chouhan said that there should be no discrimination between sons and daughters. Give everyone equal right to progress. A campaign for women empowerment is being run in the state. Contractors will no longer do the work of making nutritious food, in their place, women of self-help groups have been entrusted with the responsibility. Eight factories have been opened for manufacturing of nutrition food which are being run by women’s groups.

The Prime Minister said that in order to make women financially empowered, they have been given the task of distributing ration, purchasing crops and preparing school uniforms. He said that a large number of women’s groups are preparing local products in the state. The state government is also doing the work of making their products available in the market.

Women of self-help groups presented garlic chutney and pickle to Chouhan. It may be noted that in Mandsaur district, garlic has been selected under ‘Ek Zila- Ek Utpad’. With this, the women’s group is preparing various products at the local level. Praising the products of women, Prime Minister Chouhan said that I will keep the garlic pickles and chutneys presented to me and will also promote it.


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