Cat Food-Inspired Restaurant To Open In New York

Good Taste is Easy to Recognize

You may know Fancy Feast for their famous commercials depicting the gourmet brand as an elite product favored by the upper crust of the cat world. Last week, the company announced it will bring the same feline dining experience to humans for a limited engagement.

The two-day pop-up, “Gatto Bianco by Fancy Feast,” will provide curious cats of the human purr-suasion with an “Italian-style trattoria and culinary experience” inspired by the brand’s original recipes.

Like any New York restaurant opening worth its press, the pop-up intends to have a guest appearance by the fluffy Persian star of the long-running advertisements.

A Five Paw Pop-Up

The West Village pop-up will be open August 11 and 12 and feature dishes concocted by Fancy Feast’s in-house chef, Amanda Hassner, in collaboration with Cesare Casella, a Michelin Star-winning chef you may recognize from Iron Chef America p Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

Piggybacking off the success of 2021’s Fancy Feast cookbook, Gatto Bianco’s recipes will litter-ally be inspired by the brand’s Medleys line of cat food, which features flavors that admittedly do sound tasty, like turkey florentine, beef ragu, and wild salmon primavera.

There’s no need to line up fur-ever for your chance to see what the fluff is about; the eight-seater pop-up began taking reservations through OpenTable on August 4.

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Source: Cat Food-Inspired Restaurant To Open In New York

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