Casetify makes Sydney debut with CBD store

Hong Kong-based tech accessory brand Casetify has opened its first Sydney store, a flagship in the city’s CBD.

Casetify Studio, located at Sydney Arcade alongside Pitt Street Mall, sells a range of customizable phone cases, AirPod cases, phone straps, water bottles, laptop sleeves and lifestyle accessories.

Casetify founder and CEO, Wes Ng, said that as part of the next stage of the retailer’s global expansion, opening offline retail stores in Australia is a key strategic focus.

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Michael Hariz, Mirvac’s director of partnerships & commercialization, described Casetify’s store in the prime location as “a must-stop shopping destination” for locals and tourists alike.

Besides selling items, Casetify has a Re/Casetify program in-store, which aims to reduce plastic waste from old phone cases.

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Customers are encouraged to bring their used phone and AirPod cases of any brand into the store to receive a 15 percent credit towards their next purchase.

The old cases collected are then processed and converted into new Casetify products.

To date, the brand says it has diverted 28,000 kg of cases from landfills.

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