Bright future for terrestrial TV in the Czech Republic

The position of DVB-T2 terrestrial broadcasting is likely to strengthen even further in the Czech Republic.

Speaking at an Innovation Day conference organized by the Czech national transmission company CRa and quoted by Digital Rozhlas, CRa’s CEO Milos Mastnik said that terrestrial TV is currently used by around 54% of viewers in the Czech Republic. He added that a similar situation exists in large European markets, with the exception of Germany and Austria. In Spain and Italy, for instance, terrestrial broadcasting has proven to be very stable.

Digital Rozhlas notes that CRa relied mainly on data from Nielsen Atmosphere in its presentations. When speaking about technological trends, it referred to the importance of 5G broadcast, which it has been testing.

Mastnik predicted that next year will be a turning point, with the WRC23 conference extending pan-European frequencies for TV broadcasting beyond 2030.

Meanwhile, Marcel Prochazka, CRa’s director of regulation, said that 90% of TV viewing time in the Czech Republic is linear, with the current average daily viewing time being 3 hours and 57 minutes. More than 95% of TVs on the market are able to connect to the internet and offer HbbTV services.

Moreover, terrestrial broadcasting does not suffer from blackouts, with network reliability of 99.99%.

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