Bolton police pull over drivers for suspected insurance and speeding offence

Officers stopped the man on Blenheim Road today and said he had his young family in the car.

And while they were waiting for recovery, police say the spotted another uninsured vehicle in the area.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police Traffic said: “This vehicle was stopped on Blenheim Road, Bolton by XT14.

“The driver admitted to having no insurance, despite having his girlfriend and young baby in the car.”

The spokesman added: “Whilst waiting for recovery on Blenheim Road, Bolton # XT14 see this uninsured Seat Arosa driving past. Vehicle recovered and driver reported.

The vehicle was seized and taken away by the police and driver has been reported for the incident.

Yesterday officers pulled over a car they said was driving at speed in Bolton over the weekend.

Neighborhood officers said they were patrolling the Ladybridge area when they noticed a vehicle ‘driving at high speed’.

Following further checks, officers said a man was subsequently ‘arrested for driving a motor vehicle with a specified controlled drug in the body’.

The arrest comes as police crackdown on speeding in Bolton.

Police are running Operation Portman in the borough after a number of accidents on Bolton’s roads.

The operation includes carrying out roadside speed checks, where a number of drivers have been caught.

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