BC news: Nurse suspended for incomplete safety check

A BC nurse’s registration has been suspended over “practice issues” that included not responding to a call bell from a resident who later died in hospital.

According to a summary of a consent agreement shared by the BC College of Nurses and Midwives, Fort St. John-based Danielle Macnevin will have her registration suspended for two weeks and is required to complete remedial ethics education.

She also won’t be able to work night shifts or work as the only nurse on duty.

The summary said the agreement was made to address “practice issues” that happened during a night shift in March 2021.

According to the summary, the issues include “not completing safety checks of residents and answering, hanging up, and not responding to a call bell from a resident’s bathroom.”

That resident was eventually found by day staff and taken to hospital, but they later died, the BCCNM’s summary said.

The BCCNM said it could not comment any further on the incident, but said the disciplinary action will remain on Macnevin’s public record permanently.

CTV News Vancouver has reached out to Northern Health for more details on the incident.

The inquiry committee involved in the consent agreement said it believes the terms will sufficiently protect the public.

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