Ayurveda – the science behind it

The Ayurveda treaty Charak Samhita has described the process of illness 3500 years ago. It states that the starting point of any illness is the Gut. When the gut health, which is the agni is poor, whatever we eat is not digested very well and it produces excessive dosha of vata, pitta, kapha or Aama toxins. Undigested food remains in the gut, decays, and produces Aama-type toxic mucus. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are essential elements for the functioning of the body so they are required, but they must be in balance. Imbalanced doshas can create trouble. while Aama is a toxic mucus and is not required. It only produces blockages in the body wherever it goes.

Excessive dosha & Aama, when accumulated in the gut for a long period of time, gets pushed into the blood and finally gets deposited in very deep tissues of our body, blocking many physiological functions and blood supply to our organs. Thus, excessive Pitta lengthier and deposited in the tissues can create chronic acid reflux, GERD, skin problems, inflammations, headaches, migraines, anger, anxiety etc.

Similarly, excessive Kapha when gets accumulated in deep tissues can create respiratory allergies, sinusitis, breathlessness wheezing, and coughing. In extreme situations, it can also create plaque formation in arteries. blockages in the pancreas creating type two diabetes or blockages, fibroids cysts, tumors, and weight gain, PCOS. And excessive gas or Vata formation pushed into the tissues can damage the nervous system, and brain capacity creating depression, fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, degenerative brain problems or degenerative bone issues like arthritis, osteoporosis etc.

The way to clear this is to get deep transformation and work on the root cause using the 3R formula. First R – REMOVE: pull out these toxins which are settled in deep tissues, using authentic Panchakarma detoxification, which in Ayurveda is called Shodhan. The next R – RESTORE: focus on restoring the functioning of gut metabolic health (Agni) with restoring the functioning of tissues which are impacted, weakened, or damaged using herbal formulas, diet, lifestyle, Marma points, home remedies from the kitchen etc. Ayurveda calls it Shaman.

The Third R – RENEW & REBUILD: –work towards rebuilding damaged or weakened tissues using anti-aging herbal formulas and anti-ageing clinic-based therapies like oil enemas. This is known as Rasayana or rejuvenation therapies. When this is done in a very systematic manner, you can expect anti-ageing, youthfulness, long-lasting freedom from a huge number of chronic issues and a definite improvement in quality of life.

To cite an example, as per three research papers published by us, in the USA, based medical & pharma journal, have proven that even degenerated bones can be reversed and arthritis can be revised, as per radiological studies done on the Double-blind study

The word Ayurveda simply means “the knowledge of life”. It is the combination of the Sanskrit words ayur, “life,” and veda, “knowledge.” Ayurveda is a great science of the human mind and body, and it follows the cycles of nature that underpin human life and health. Hundreds of new modern research and concepts have already been described in Ayurveda, around 5000 years ago. Below are some examples:

  1. Recently modern science found that whenever there is arthritis or joints or disc degeneration etc. there are air bubbles found between the joint spaces and even in the bone cavities in CT scans and MRI and they are talking about the role of gas bubbles in creating degeneration. While Ayurveda already has described that excessive Vata (gas) when accumulated in joint spaces, creates arthritis.
  2. Modern science just found a kind of toxic mucus known as Amyloid Plaque, is responsible for many blockages, and inflammations in the spine, arteries, nervous system, and pancreas causing type 2 diabetes etc. They block the cellular functions in the nervous system creating a block in neurotransmission causing finally Alzheimer’s and dementia. Ayurveda has already described in the chapter of Unmaad, that Kapha and Aama type of mucus deposited in the nervous system and brain, creating Prajnaparadha, which literally means block in the intra-cellular communication in the nervous system. Even the pictures of amyloid toxins look very similar to the description of Aama.
  3. Modern science fought for 50 years in surgery as people were dying and they didn’t realize why. Sushruta, the surgeon who lived in Banaras has described in Sushruta Samhita that you must sterilize the room, instruments, clothes, and everything that is used in the surgery to ensure that the infections are not created as the patients can die out of infection. Modern science found only after 50 years of struggling that infection is the main cause of death. Many modern surgeries including plastic surgery of the nose, Pituitary tumor surgery through the nose, and cataract surgeries were described and done by Vaidya Sushruta 2500 years ago.

In today’s time, where more and more youth are moving towards a healing and spiritual lifestyle, being more aware of your body’s core doshas, will help in smoothing the journey. The science behind Ayurveda is a very simple technique of knowing your body patterns, being aware and working towards changing it from the inner core. A reverse lifestyle change can work wonders in living a healthy and joyful life.



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