Apple car to act as iPhone with autonomous driving tech, take command from Siri

The Apple car is expected to come with a sunroof, all-electric powertrain, autonomous driving technology along with voice command assistant.

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08 May 2022, 03:14 PM

The Apple car rendering looks clean yet eye-catching. (Image: Vanarama)

Apple has been working on an all-electric self-driving car that has been named Project Titan. Despite it being one of the most hyped automotive projects, details about it remain scarce. However, a report by patentlyapple claims that Apple has revised one of its old original patent filings to introduce a technology that will make the car act like an iPhone with commands from Siri. Also, the revised patent comes with updated autonomous driving technology as well.

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The patent is christened “Guidance Of Autonomous Vehicles In Destination Vicinities Using Intent Signals” and it outlines a way to use a smartphone’s touchscreen and a voice recognition system to function various tasks like parking the car or getting it to the exact location where the owner wants it to be parked.

During the original application phase, the patent filing aimed to tackle the last one percent of the trip, in order to get the driver to the location. The patent claimed the vehicle’s navigation systems are really good at getting the driver close to the destination. Now the patent has been updated to enable the autonomous car to park itself at the p[recise parking spot where the owner wants it to be parked or the spot where he or she wants the car him or her to drop off after reaching the destination. This technological enhancement would further enhance the autonomous driving capability of the Apple car. Apple’s voice-driven personal assistant Siri would be crucial in performing the tasks.

Apple’s patent indicates that the car would receive signals from the occupant through voice commands. After receiving that command, the car’s system would enable the onboard cameras and sensors to locate the precise spot and reach there.

The report claims that this original patent was filed in 2019, but it has been significantly updated recently. It also claims that Apple has completely scrapped its original patent filing and replaced it with the new one. While the launch date of the Apple car is yet to be disclosed by the tech giant, it could hit the market sometime in 2025.

First Published Date: 08 May 2022, 03:14 PM IST


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