ALDI supermarket under fire over ‘lazy’ new sliced ​​watermelon packs

ALDI supermarket has sparked intense debate with a new fruit purchase that has just landed in stores.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, an ALDI customer noticed the retail giant was now selling recyclable plastic containers filled with slices of pre-cut watermelon.

A photo shared by the shopper showed the packs available for sale in one store for $6.99 each.

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“Freshly cut watermelon now at ALDI,” said the customer on the Aldi Fans Australia page. “Good. Different!”

But while some welcomed the concept, others were critical of the “unnecessary” use of plastic.

“Not a fan of all that plastic,” said one.

An ALDI shopper shared this image of the new $6.99 sliced ​​watermelon packs. Credit: Aldi Fans Australia/Facebook

Added another: “Waste on so many levels.”

Said another: “I love Aldi and always will but this is a big, fat, enormous no from me.”

Others were alarmed by the “expensive” price of the sliced ​​watermelon packs.

“I think watermelon is more expensive this summer overall but this is insane,” one responded.

Another said: “Cheaper to buy the watermelon and spend the minute it takes cutting it yourself.”

A third added: “$7? That’s more than I pay for a whole watermelon!”

‘just lazy’

Others were critical of shoppers who buy pre-cut food at a premium price.

“That’s just lazy,” said one.

However some Facebook users defended ALDI over the purchase, saying it was a great option for the elderly and those with a disability.

“Helps older people who don’t have the strength to cut the watermelon,” said one.

“My mum used to have to buy a lot of precut veggies for this reason. It’s just a shame they are so expensive, it would be great if they could discount for pensioners.”

ALDI has confirmed that the watermelon containers are recyclable. Credit: Getty Images

Another said: “Some of us have fingers with arthritis and significant pain. Two years ago I would have easily cut a whole melon, but these days I struggle with anything to do with my hands.

“At 59 years, it’s hard to accept and it looks like many of you would look at me buying this and thinking I was lazy.”

Added one more: “I take it all the people complaining about the plastic and extra cost are lining up to cut watermelon for free for people who can’t do it themselves due to disability, aging, etc?”

ALDI responds

An ALDI spokesperson has confirmed that the plastic containers used to store the sliced ​​watermelon are recyclable.

“We have a strong and proven commitment to reducing plastics in our stores as evidenced through our Plastics and Packaging Progress Report with an ambition to reduce plastic packaging by 25 per cent by 2025,” the spokesperson told

“With fresh produce, especially produce that has been prepared for convenience, there are not always suitable plastic-free packaging options, however the container and lid of the freshly cut watermelon are recyclable in a customer’s kerbside recycling bin.”

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