Alchemy announces their expansion into the Latin America Fintech Market

Another contributor to the shift in e-commerce in Latin America is the high rate of mobile phone usage in the continent. In 2019, there were 343 million mobile internet users in Latin America with the number expected to increase to 424 million by 2025.

Fintech Revolution in Latin America

In the past, Latin America has been an extremely hard environment for FinTech’s to thrive in due to the regulations and traditional banks controlling the market. For example, in Brazil the top five banks control 80% of the market making it difficult for new entrants to break through successfully.

Recently, countries such as Mexico spirit Brazil have implemented fintech-friendly regulations to welcome Fintech companies into the banking scene. These new laws have made Latin America a breeding ground for venture capitalists and investors.

A niche on the rise

Buy Now Pay Later has become increasingly popular around the globe since COVID-19 impacted many people financially. This was no different in Latin America. Many people shifted to e-commerce payment methods allowing them to pay for their product or service over time.

Alchemy has worked with various clients throughout Latin America to build our end-to-end white-labeled BNPL solution. Our Point-of-Sale system instantly empowers our client’s network to take in applications, pre-screen the customer with automated underwriting rules, and has the necessary documents for consumers to sign to start the services.

Learn more about our BNPL solution.

Alchemy in Latin America

Over the past couple of years, Alchemy has geared up our entrance into the Latin America Fintech market by powering banks, financial institutions, and small businesses to help them quickly launch credit products.

We have developed a true end-to-end lending experience for our clients. From the website or mobile app all the way to loan management and payment processing.

At Alchemy we stay connected with all our clients. We have team members around Latin America in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, El Salvadorand Mexico to support you throughout your journey in developing a premier lending platform.

If you are in Latin America and are interested in meeting our team visit our website to receive a demo.

About Alchemy
Alchemy is an embedded financing software company that powers FinTech, Merchants and Banks with an end-to-end cloud native experience. Our award-winning lending software provides a full package of powerful software modules, including our digital customer onboarding process, real time underwriting, loan servicing and management, real time payments gateway, customer and merchant communications, collections modules and many more.

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