ABB creates first robot-painted art car

“I couldn’t believe a robot was painting an artwork for the first time ever,” beamed Collar as he saw the robot in action. “And it wasn’t just any artwork; it was my artwork. I think art and robots have a similarity. They both interact with the world, and they have the power to change the world for the better. “

Illusorr’s work is all created digitally, so they married their design to the form of the car on a computer. Motivation for their three-color futuristic design came from the wind.

“The inspiration is inspiration from nature itself. The speed and the airflow around the car that has been created by the car’s movements, ”said Illusorr co-founder Begüm Aydinoglu.

“You can paint on a car with traditional techniques, but some artwork requires a robotic execution, because a human eye or human hands can’t execute that kind of drawing level of complexity.”

ABB claims its Pixelpaint system is sustainable and will save paint and time.

Luxury car makers are likely to be the first to add bespoke art painting to their list of profitable options. The new Range Rover, for instance, has thousands of personalized options.

“It could go beyond something that’s elite and something that’s very niche. I think you can go onto semi-mass market cars, ”concluded Callum. “I can see this being applied to cars that you and I could buy. I think it’s extremely exciting. ”

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