$3,100 for a 4-day work week? Malaysian ad for retail job at Changi Airport is real deal, Singapore News

With the growing strength of the Singapore dollar versus the Malaysian ringgit, more Malaysians are looking to cross the border to pursue a career here.

But is this job advertisement promising generous remunerations too good to be true?

On Monday (Aug 15), Malaysian news outlet China Press reported that Changi Airport is looking to hire retail and customer service staff.

Successful candidates will receive a monthly salary of at least RM 10,000 (S$3,100) for working shifts on a four-day work week.

According to the job posting, those interested in the positions will have to attend a walk-in interview on Aug 19 in Johor Bahru.

When Shin Min Daily News shared a photo of the job ad on Facebook this week, several netizens were doubtful of its authenticity.

“Scam. Not real,” a netizen said, while others suspected that the generous package was dangled out as part of an overseas human trafficking operation.

“I don’t believe this. Why didn’t Singaporeans apply for this job if it’s that good? Be careful about being sold,” one warned in Chinese.

Taking to Facebook on Thursday (Aug 18), MCI Career Services has clarified that the job listing they posted in Malaysia is real.

The recruitment agency in Singapore said that the job ad was part of an overseas recruitment drive, and also clarified: “The working location is at Changi Airport. However, we would like to clarify that our client is not Changi Airport Group.

“We hope that [this] will resolve any other misunderstandings the public might have.”

With air travel returning to pre-pandemic levels in recent months, Changi Airport has been looking to fill positions in the local aviation sector.

Over 6,600 jobs were available in a career fair held in May, with positions ranging from frontline passenger service to ground handlers, Changi Airport Group said in their monthly publication Changi Journeys.

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